HGV Graphics for all your Commercial Vehicle Wrapping

Not just for Christmas, our HGV graphics are long lasting and guaranteed for 5 year! For lorry, truck and HGV fleet wrapping in London, Bristol and Dorset.

HGV wrapping for Cadburys

If you were watching the TV over Christmas, it’s highly likely that you saw the Cadbury’s Christmas Advent Calendar advertisement. Twenty four regular trucks that had been fully fleet wrapped into the numbered doors of an advent calendar in the vibrant colour of Cadbury’s purple. No small task for any fleet graphics provider…But carried out with competence and style, the Team from GRS Fleet Graphics took complete control of this difficult project and a total transformation took place. The fleet of 24 standard lorries were now something that turned heads and most importantly were remembered.

lorry graphics

Lorry and truck wrapping is not just for Christmas

So, now that the Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away for another year, we are all looking forward to a prosperous 2018. And what better way to start the new year than investing in Lorry Graphic or Truck Wrapping, something that will create a fresh and updated look that gets your company remembered for all the right reasons!

HGV Graphics and wrapping in London, Dorset and Bristol

The benefits speak for themselves when investing in HGV wrapping and truck and lorry graphics for your fleet…

1. HGV Graphics for 24 Hour Advertising

That’s because even when the vehicle is parked in the car park outside your business, it is still viewable to the public. When it is travelling about, the car wrapping will be seen by hundreds of people who are travelling to other destinations. Therefore, not only will you reach a broader audience, but you’ll also get them interested in your business.

2. Mass Market with Truck Wrapping

According to statistics from the UK government, the average UK driver spends about one month each year sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s also been reported that up to 3,000 people will see your vehicle each day. Therefore, according to this data, truck wrapping can be a very inexpensive way to advertise your business to the masses and reach your target audience. This specific type of advertising can reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people or more each year.

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3. Long Lasting commercial vehicle wrapping

Unlike other forms of advertising, commercial vehicle wraps can be used for up to 5 years. It won’t need to be changed constantly like other forms of advertising. Thus, not only does it reach a larger audience, it is also more cost-effective because it withstands environmental challenges, such as changes in the weather.

4. Generate brand awareness for a minimal cost with lorry graphics and wraps

The benefits of using your fleet as advertising vehicles include generation of brand awareness and minimal cost along with ease of targeting marketing. The cost per 100 sightings of your vehicle can be as little as 4p. In comparison, direct mail is £1.94 and radio advertising is £1.21 per 100.  What’s more, our vehicle wraps last up to five years as opposed to a newspaper or radio advert, which is always short term.  

Transform your HGV fleet with Commercial Vehicle Wrapping

Professionally applied HGV graphics and lorry wrapping from GRS Fleet Graphics should last for years if cared for properly and they are a fantastic marketing tool for your company or brand communication. Just take a look at the Cadbury’s advertisement for example, a plain lorry or truck can be transformed with a vehicle wrap into a stunning mobile advertisement. HGV’s can be part or fully wrapped to create the ultimate high-impact advert for your business that will last from one Christmas to the next, turning heads as they go…

If your interested in graphics for HGVs, Lorry Wrapping or Truck Graphics then speak to the team at GRS Fleet Graphics, we are experts in all aspects of commercial vehicle wrapping, covering London, Bristol, Dorset and all across the UK.

GRS Fleet Graphics
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