Make Your Fleet Shine

Commercial Fleet GraphicsAll fleet technicians have their ways of keeping the exteriors of a fleet looking tip top. There is buffing, paintless dent repair and other ways of making sure a fleet is looking smart. Quite often though, paint fades, deep paint chips and scratches appear and are expensive to fix and that may be the time when fleet wrap and vehicle wrap is necessary, to give your fleet the appearance you need to retain a good first impression.

There are many reasons to choose vehicle wrap and fleet wrap as opposed to a paint job. The first of which is the high cost of a quality paint job. Secondly is color matching which can be very tricky across an entire fleet. Also a paint job will not offer graphics unless you choose some stick on decals which are not easily visible and bland in today’s world of vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps.

On top of this, vehicle wraps are 100 percent removable and last up to five years, hence they offer a longer life than a paint job as well as protecting the original manufacturer paint this gives the vehicles a higher resale value when it’s time to sell and retire them from the fleet.

GRS Fleet Graphics has helped franchise owners and fleet managers of all sizes turn their fleets into shining mobile billboard advertisements. A vehicle wrap as part of their fleet vehicle maintenance plan will benefit any size fleet and any type of organization.

At GRS Fleet Graphics, we have 21 years of industry experience, employ in-house vehicle graphic designers and only use heavy-duty, high-quality adhesive vinyl for our wraps.

Whether its, Commercial Vehicle Graphics, Truck Livery, Car Graphics or any Fleet Vehicle Graphic, With a Vibrant Full Colour Vehicle Vinyl Wrap, you can utilise one of the most cost effective forms of mobile advertising concepts available today.

GRS Fleet Graphics
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